The videos broadcasted here were produced prior to the definition of my avatar and, for this reason; they present a slightly different variation of the character. In the beginning Dirty Swede was just a skull wearing shades made on Photoshop from overlapped layers of images collected on the Internet made up to illustrate my early virtual presence on audio and video streaming services, as well as on social network profiles. However, with the approach of the date of release of the first EP something more exclusive became necessary so that the brand could be copyrighted. Then, by late 2015, cassette reels were used to replace the dark glasses and the character came up as it first appears on the debut album cover. It'd be really cool if you subscribe to my channel for the updates when new stuff comes out. Feel free to leave your impressions and share my content.

Dirty Swede - The Right Words

When I first demoed this song it'd been quite a long time since I'd last taken up arms. Life had taken me through many winding roads which caused me to drop my guns and quiet my fire. But, deep inside, the bed of bright red coals kept pulsing so as I'd never forget who I really was till I couldn't hold that just for myself anymore. This is about letting it all out.

Dirty Swede - Eudaemonia

Don't ever let people tell you what's good and what's not, what's right or what's wrong. Don't lead a role others scripted for you. We all have a voice deep inside to which we can listen if we do focus. It speaks quietly, but it's always right and, the more you listen to it, the louder it gets and the more you'll learn how to trust in it.

Dirty Swede - Cassocks & Hassocks

On my international radio debut there couldn't have been any better choice of a song. It's practically autobiographical, although it's often been misunderstood. Fact is that I have nothing against religiosity and spirituality; what annoys me is the institutionalization of it and the way it's used by some to take advantage of the unwary and the naive.

Dirty Swede - Love's Like a Butterfly

My first one on radio and I'll be forever thankful to Paulo Ernesto for believing in me and giving me such an opportunity right at the beginning of my journey. This is my type of love song. Love songs should be meant to put you up and make you dance with joy, because love's like a butterfly...
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