The idea was never to summon a band and rehearse for live presentations, all I wanted was to write music and put it out for whoever wanted to listen to it. Most people may need food, home and some affection; I need to sing, scream and shout! That’s my kind of Primal Therapy. That’s the only thing that can prevent me from going insane. In case it can benefit others, rather than myself only, even better. Then, I contacted some old fellows I’ve met along this long-term musical trip of mine, whom I’d love to have by my side on this enterprise, and presented my ideas to them.

And, finally, the next song I've been working on is my tribute - or just a sacrilege, if you'd rather see things this way - to The Bard of Avon. Truth is that it suffices me to know that Shakespeare's work is on public domain and his Sonnet V has always been one of my favorites. However, the work is still in progress and we've only recorded some of the instrumentals up to now.
The ideas for the songs don't always come when I'm in the studio jamming out. Most of the times they come while I'm doing something else, such as relaxing or driving. Whatever it is that I'm doing I stop, grab my cell phone and record any mumbling or scatting that's on my mind just not to lose that moment of inspiration. Next I arrange it, share it with the guys and go for the lyrics so that we can have it demoed.
Following my proposal of letting you into the whole process; to the left you have the unmastered versions of the mixes as they leaked and were aired on some alternative radio shows in Latin America and, to the right, you can listen to the mastered tracks ready to go. I hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know about that!

Luckily, these are times when a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click and technology was on my side. These are some of the earliest recordings made right at the beginning of the project, as well as part of the EP yet to be officially released, although the guys and I have never been together for that purpose due to there still be thousands of miles among us. By now, I'd highly appreciate if you subscribe to my channel for the updates and feel free to leave your impressions and share my stuff.

All these steps are so appealing and engaging to me that I don't think an artist should only air his music after its finished. There's so much emotion that can be perceived during the unfolding of the process that it makes the process itself part of the piece as well and it also deserves to be shared.
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