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The income generated online with DIRTY SWEDE's songs selling and streaming is 100% reverted for animal-right activist causes. At the moment, the beneficiaries are the Gateiros de Itu. However, streaming services pay only fractions of cents to the musician and about 10K plays are needed so that I can cash US$50. But you can also help by buying our songs. You can download the entire album or each track individually. And don't forget to help me spread the news! Thank you very much!

That's what friends have to say about me

Pró-Ativo / Brazil

"Very much garage sounding, very crazy! I feel honored because I could airplay him on radio for the first time."

Sudor Y Sangre / Argentina

"I very much like the vibe of this act!"

"Very, very beautiful music, I really liked it a lot!"

Home Studio Corner / USA

"That singer's awesome! Got a little bit of a Smashing Pumpkins vibe to the vocal, but it's more aggressive than that."

Independiente MX / Mexico

"Very good music, notedly because of the ideas it brings!"

"Pretty cheerful! It brings you up when you're feeling down."

LIVE at last!

Wouldn't you like to know me?



I might say that my affair with music started at a very young age. In the late 1960s I was just a kid and mostly listened to what my parents did. I must admit they had a good taste for music, but I always had a fall for the distorted fuzzy guitars and the frantic drums though I couldn't yet explain the energetic feeling it aroused in me.



I quickly developed my own taste and by the mid 70s I already had my own cassette tape collection recorded from borrowed vinyls, once I couldn’t afford buying the originals. Most of those bands I loved would later be referred to as Protopunk. Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, The Who, Dictators and T-Rex were among my favorites.



One day I realized I myself could write songs and, from Punk Rock to Heavy Metal, I’ve been in many bands since the early 80s. However, fact is that I really don’t buy into this labyrinth of genres. For me, there’s either good or bad music. Hard Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock, call it whatever you will; it’s only Rock & Roll and I like it!



I think music is a powerful weapon and shouldn’t be regarded as party fuel only. Lyrics can save a life, lyrics can change the world. You may be thinking that I’m just an old fart who thinks he can still play some Rock & Roll, but I invite you to get to know me a little better and maybe you’ll see that we have lots in common. Be welcome to my world!

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